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Dear Supporters,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout the last few months. Our campaign has gained great momentum since we started walking and talking to voters a few weeks ago. Voters are expressing their concerns about the need for more jobs, increased safety, and more economic development in our city. They want a council who can come together to solve Vallejo’s problems and not one that is divided.
While we all know voters care about the real issues that impact their everyday lives, I feel the need to clear up some misinformation that has been circulating about my position on gay rights and my association with Ed Silvoso.
The VIB videos about Ed Silvoso are absurd. Their link to my views and me are even more absurd. To hate, discriminate, put down or judge anybody is so far from who I am. As a person who has been blatantly discriminated against – I would never wish that on anyone. That is why I don’t understand how certain groups have pinned me as anti-gay. In fact, my niece is gay; and I accept and love her with all of my heart. I could never and will never “hate her” or anyone else.
Secondly, as it relates to my association with Dr. Ed Silvoso, let me be clear: my relationship with Ed is remote. I do not believe nor does Ed Silvoso believe in the killing of gay people – period! I’ve been in pastoral ministry and caring compassionately for people for 25 years. If that had been Ed’s position I would have disassociated myself from him a long time ago.
Where I agree with Ed Silvoso pertains only to his principles of “City Transformation” through Prayer Evangelism and to eradicate “Systemic Poverty.” And furthermore, those principles are rooted in “Blessing, speaking well of, and speaking peace over and about our city.” I have taken that principle to heart; something I did before ever running for office. I am a person of faith and I believe in the Bible, which says, “Do not judge.” In fact, my personal and spiritual position is to bless and get to know people before I discuss them. And I would hope people would do the same for me. I ask people to get to know me and talk to me first before they talk about me.
In closing, I am determined to focus on the real issues make Vallejo a “destination” and better place for all of us to live. Unlike others who are trying to tear down our community, I am working to build up Vallejo and create a strong economy for all our neighbors to live, work and play in harmony and peace. I genuinely believe that working “Together, We Can” accomplish anything!
If you or anyone you know wants to discuss my views and where I stand on the issues, please don’t hesitate to call me or give them my personal cell phone number (342.2529) or e-mail address ([email protected]).
In Solidarity,

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