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On May 7, while recovering from an illness, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) International President Larry Hanley died suddenly.  In a brief statement, his family,

Patt Moon-Updike wanted to be a nurse since she was 9 years old.

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Action Alert!  Siblings, two of our affiliates, the Vacaville Teachers Association and SEIU 1021 will be standing together before every school in Vacaville this Monday morning, June 3rd.  If you’re going to be in Vacaville on Monday, please send some love their way to thank them for the work they do on behalf of students in the District. Drive by and give a honk or take the time to join the Siblings in front of the schools to show your support! Also, please share this with anyone interested in public education in Vacaville.

The employees feel that Vacaville Unified School District has been stockpiling money instead of using it in the classrooms to improve the lives of our siblings and the students they serve by showing unprecedented solidarity in asking the district leadership for support.  To learn more, please visit

The events are scheduled before the start of the school day.  To see what time your neighborhood school starts, go here

The new NAFTA is another corporate handout. It won't stem the outsourcing of good jobs or protect the rights of working people. Tell Congress the new NAFTA isn't good enough.

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As Pride Month is recognized around the world this year, the rainbow-hued celebration will be colored by hope, fear for the future, and reverence for the queer liberation movement’s radical past.

Mexico didn’t foist NAFTA on the United States, despite President Donald Trump’s constant claims that the U.S. loses “so much money” on the deal. We did it to ourselves, and we did it deliberately.

Corporations wanted to create in Mexico a low-wage haven where they could shift production, expecting us to happily buy the imported goods built with cheap Mexican labor—while exporting our jobs.

President Trump ran for office as a champion of American workers and a friend of labor unions, but his administration has systematically favored employers at the expense of workers.

Abigail Disney, granddaughter of the co-founder of the Walt Disney Co., called out the family business’ current CEO last month for making what’s supposed to be the happiest place on earth pretty darn miserable for its workers.