International Woman's Day!

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to highlight the global movement
for women’s equality, our achievements, and the exceptional women who lead
the fight. In this spirit, we write to express our gratitude for the work you do
for union members nationwide, especially women and the families we support.
This year, women around the country have joined A Day Without a Woman, a
call to avoid shopping, abstain from paid and unpaid work, and wear red in
solidarity. We encourage activists in our movement to show solidarity with
working women around the world by engaging online using our social media
toolkit (includes digital graphics and a template for a letter to the editor)
and joining in International Women’s Day rallies in your local
The fight to defend working families is more urgent than ever. Right-to-work
threatens all working people, with especially devastating consequences for
women, who have the most to gain from a union contract. Republican attempts
to dismantle our current healthcare system could restrict women’s access to
preventative care, drive up premiums, and raise taxes on the health benefits our
members have earned. School voucher programs and the expansion of charter
schools undermine the integrity of our public schools, jeopardizing our
children’s future.
In the face of these challenges, you stand, tirelessly fighting for union
members. You are the first line of defense against these attacks on working
families and we thank you for your commitment, leadership, and strength.
Thank you for taking action with us!