Message from our President!

Every day, but especially on Labor Day, I'm grateful for my job as a union stagehand. Standing together in union with my coworkers gives us the freedom to negotiate a fair return on our work and create a better future for our families. From cafeteria workers in Silicon Valley to aircraft maintenance workers on bases to graduate workers in universities across the country, it’s been inspiring to see more and more people take collective action to reclaim their freedom to join together.

It's important to keep this momentum going—to keep pushing for better wages, retirement security and rights on the job for all—because for too long, working people have been on the losing end of a rigged economy. We've all seen or felt economic struggle in the past few years. While working families fought to make ends meet, CEO pay skyrocketed. In 2016, CEO-to-worker pay ratio was an obscene 347 to 1. Meanwhile, corporate-backed politicians keep trying to take away the freedoms unions have won for all of us. But as recent organizing victories prove, we're not taking this lying down. This Labor Day, let's commit to keep fighting for working people's freedom to prosper. 

 I’m ready to keep moving forward to continue to organize and mobilize with others around an agenda that gives working people the freedom to join together. This Labor Day, it’s time to build on the incredible achievements of America’s working people—everything we’ve done and everything we will do.

Happy Labor Day! 

G. Anthony Phillips

President - Napa-Solano Central Labor Council