From our Vice-President, Bradford Myers...

Napa-Solano Central Labor Council vice-president Bradford Myers, who retired due to MS, from Vallejo Painters #376 will be participating in this year’s “ Walk MS Solano County 2019” and would like your support in our fundraising efforts

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Symptoms range from blurred vision, loss of balance, poor coordination, slurred speech, tremors, numbness, extreme fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, paralysis, blindness and more. MS is different for everyone, and that makes it all the more challenging to solve.

But, walking could be the answer to a world free of MS. Step by step, dollar by dollar, Walk MS provides much needed funding not only for research, but to ensure people affected by MS can live their best lives. Your donation and or support of Solano County’s Walk MS will help make this a MS free world

Your tax- deductible contribution will help the National MS Society fund groundbreaking research and life-changing services for people living with MS. And ultimately, end MS forever. Your support will help ensure:

• The National MS Society is the largest private funder of MS research in the world, leading to discoveries that are ​transforming treatment and care​.
• People affected by MS can access ​around-the-clock information, support, and resources​ from the Society to help them live their best lives.
• More than 100,000 MS ​activists influence legislation to change the world​ for people with MS. Your dollars are at work, driving life-changing breakthroughs that help people with MS live their best lives
today, until we end MS forever.
Thank you again for changing the world for everyone affected by MS. To make donations online and or join the walk visit our page at:

To make donations by check mail donations to National MS Society

ATTN: Walk MS Staff
1700 Owens st Suite 190
San Francisco, Ca 94158

Make checks payable to National MS Society and please be sure to write the participant’s name, event, and event year on the memo line ( e.g., “Bradford Myers, Walk MS: Solano County 2019”) so the participant and Team Vallejo Painters #376 will get credit for your donation
With Gratitude, Vallejo Painters #376