Spring Salute - April 20th at Mare Island

Here are the awards given to the hard-working siblings of Solano and Napa County at the Spring Salute

Labor Partnership Award - These awards goes to elected officials that our committee felt went above and beyond when it comes to fighting for the Working People in Napa and Solano counties.

Previous winners for Solano:

  • 2011   Mariko Yamada
  • 2012   Mitch Mashburn
  • 2013   Jim Frazier
  • 2014   Skip Thomson
  • 2015   Jess Malgapo
  • 2016  Linda Seifert  
  • 2017  Rozzana Verder-Aliga and 

               Erin Hannigan

  • 2018

Previous winners for Napa:

  • 2011   Michael Allen
  • 2012   Belia Ramos
  • 2013   Keith Caldwell
  • 2014   Scott Sedgley
  • 2015   Alfredo Pedroza
  • 2016  Mark Joseph 
  • 2017 Dan Digardi
  • 2018

Labor Activism Award - This award goes to the person that we felt did the most to team with Labor and support us on Issue Campaigns, Rapid Response and Candidate Promotion

Previous winners:

  • 2011   Joanne Giford
  • 2012   Brett Risley
  • 2013   Brian Bottari
  • 2014   Mary Ann Mancuso
  • 2015   Conchita Marusich (Napa), Joe Summers (Solano)
  • 2016  Ricky Hurdado (Napa), Paul Stichick (Solano)
  • 2017 Cathy Riley (Solano), Cathy Phillips (Napa)
  • 2018

Labor Community Partner Award - This award goes to the Business leader who best exemplified what a winning relationship between Labor and management can produce for the workforce and community

Previous winners:

  • 2011   Ken Ross (Team Superstores)
  • 2012   Mark Bauder (Wheeler Sonoma Printers)
  • 2013   Greg Armstrong (NECA)
  • 2014   Ken Ingersoll (Gracie’s)
  • 2015   Elizabeth Hoffman (Rebuilding Together Solano County)
  • 2016   Syar Industries
  • 2017  Greg Schoepp (Jeffco Painting and Coating)

 Becky Benton Memorial Courage Award: This award goes to the individual who, like our friend Becky Benton, showed remarkable courage in the face of adversity both in the political arena and facing the challenges that life throws at them.

Previous winners:

  • 2012   James Woolsey (SEIU 1021)
  • 2013   Mark Van Gorder
  • 2014   Jonathan Gordon (Solano DCC)
  • 2015   Mike Rhoads (CSEA)
  • 2016  Akbar Bigg
  • 2017 Holly Brown

Labor Champion Award - These awards are presented to the individuals and affiliates that make up the core team in our remarkable success every election. These Siblings show up and do the work every election cycle and help develop the field program for the council. Without their dedication and the support of their affiliate’s leadership we would not be nearly as successful. 

Previous winners:

  • 2011   Angelo Cellini, Dan Collins, James Ashcroft, Mahdis Fathi
  • 2012   OE #3, UFCW #5, IW #378, CSEA #184, UA #343, Teamsters #315
  • 2013   CTA, SEIU #1021, IBEW #180
  • 2014   Felicia Ratkowski (OE #3), Brenda Mattson (OPEIU #29), Jason Gallia
  • (IW #378)
  • 2015   Ryan Sarna, Ken Miller, Carlos Borba, Jody Ginsberg), Melanie Hallahan, Gloria Sanchez
  • 2016  Kevin Brown (IAFF 1186), Fred Davenport (CSEA), Shari Herout (TUTA), Mark DeWeerdt (CTA),  Kevin Coleman (IBEW), Aisha Palmer-Islam (SEIU 2015), Tony McGrath (OE 3), SEIU Strike Team - Nadine Roach, Renta Cogburn Greg Carter
  • 2017  Justin Baily (Napa Solano Labor Council), Lisa Logateta (Teamsters #315), Sara Shultz (Painters #376), Marcus Morris (OE-3), Steve Marcotte (IBEW #1245), Jasmin Williams (IBEW #1245), Andrew Farfan (Ironworkers #378)
  • 2018

Labor Backbone Award - This award goes to the Siblings that we felt best showed why and how our members will continue to be a force in the Labor movement.  These Sibs work every day to promote our values and are the backbone of our Labor Councils continued organizing success. 

Previous winners:

  • 2011   Pam Budge (CSEA #184), Rita Magner (SMW #104)
  • 2012   Pete Derenale (UFCW #5), Angelo Cellini (OE #3), Donnie Garcia
  • (Teamsters #315)
  • 2013   Ursula Taylor (SEIU #1021), Jeanette Wylie (CTA), Angela Molina (SMW 104)Jennifer Root (SEIU ULTCW), Karen Williams (SEIU ULTCW), Mark Burto (OE3)Jeff McEuen (IW 378), Ryan Purnell (Vacaville Fire), G. Anthony (IATSE 16)
  • 2014   Jason Fein (Vallejo Fire), Troy Notrangelo (Painters 376), Brad Meyers (Painters 376), Corey Penrose (VTA), Kristen Loomis (SEIU 1021), Alejandro Navarro (SEIU ULTCW), Sandy Hilton (SEIU ULTCW), Mike Weinberg (SEIU 1021), Ben Espinoza (Building Trades)
  • 2015   Moira McSweeney (VTA), Dustin Baumbach (Teamsters 315), Sheila Gradwohl (VEA), Jennifer La Riviere (SEIU 1021), Carlo Carlucci, Holly Brown (OE 3) Stephen Lewis (OE 3), Pamela Lewis (SMW 104), Earnie Spencer (SEIU ULTCW)
  • 2016 Brian Columbo (Ironworkers Apprentice), Steve McCall (UA #343), Taylor Hudson (Unite Here), Jim Riley (OE 3), Bill Hodges (Insulators Apprentice), Frank Cuneo (Sheetmetal Apprentice)
  • 2017 Steve Quinlan (Vallejo Teachers Association),  Sheila Gradwohl (Vallejo Teachers Association),  Danny Bernardini (Napa Solano Building Trades), Ron Rowlett (Carpenters #180), Elenor Brown (#1245)
  • 2018

 Lou Franchimon Labor Lifetime Achievement Award: This award goes to the individual who has demonstrated a dedication and service to working Men and Women over the long haul. This is meant to be our highest honor that we can present to a Labor Leader

Previous winners:

  • 2012   Lou Franchimon
  • 2013   Bruce Gourley
  • 2014   Angelo Cellini
  • 2015   Pete Derenale
  • 2016 Carlos Borba
  • 2017 Frank Danniel (Vallejo Firefighters #1186)