Despite its setbacks, or perhaps because of them, organized labor has an energy level that AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka says he hasn’t seen before in his 50 years with the movement.

Siblings, our 11th annual Labor Day Breakfast will be held Monday September 2nd and as always our Sibs at the Ironworkers Local #37

On May 7, while recovering from an illness, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) International President Larry Hanley died suddenly.  In a brief statement, his family,

Presidential candidates are going all out to win over working-class Americans.

As socialists look out at the horizon of the struggle for a radically reformed society, we should try, like good Marxists, to anticipate where and with whom conflicts are likely to arise and how we are going to deal with those challenges.

A year and a half later, sleepless but amped up on coffee and solidarity from a 29-hour marathon final bargaining session, I celebrated with the rest of the bargaining committee, made up of select union members who negotiated directly with the company, as the union and Vox Media management reached a contract agreement.

I had done a complete 180 on unions.

We hope you will join us in Supporting our Siblings at NUHW who continue to fight for a fair contract at Queen of the Valley. You were there for them when they were fighting for the right to form a union and now they need your help educating the community on their fight to improve patient care. Please forward this to anyone who cares about patient care and treating every worker with dignity and respect.

Siblings, we at the Napa Solano CLC know that Baseball, Hot Dogs and Unions are as American as Apple Pie! With that in mind we invite all of our Members, Affiliates and all our friends in the Community to join us next Friday August 23rd at the Vallejo Admirals Park to see the Napa Silverados take on the Vallejo Admirals in a classic battle of local rivalry's. We will have several local Labor Leaders throwing out the first pitch, fun activities for the family and maybe even a little good natured ribbing as our members pick a side.
TWU member Paul Wynn’s knee surgery prevented him from getting his regular paycheck at work. Luckily, he discovered he was eligible to apply for a Union Plus Disability Grant since he is a Union Plus Credit Cardholder.
When retired USW member and Army veteran Jim Blank discovered Union Plus recently, he was pleasantly surprised to learn he could still benefit from its programs. He received a $1,000 Veteran’s Grant when he purchased a house for his daughter through the Union Plus Mortgage Program.

Democrats and organized labor aim to make Eugene Scalia, the pick to lead the Labor Department, a target in 2020 in hopes of testing President Trump’s support among rank-and-file union voters.