Working people are tired of hearing how tax giveaways for Wall Street billionaires and corporations will supposedly trickle down to the rest of us.

“What we know from RNRN’s work in previous disaster-stricken areas, including hurricanes Katrina and Rita, as well as post-earthquake Haiti and super typhoon Haiyan, is that after an initial surge

A decade ago or so, the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center and the liberal-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated that making the Bush tax cuts permanent — rather than letting them expire in 2010 — would increase the after-tax income of people earning $1 million or more up to 7 percent, an order of magnitude more than it would increase the size of the economy in the long term.

These days, it’s hard to keep straight all of Congress’ efforts to build plutocracy — the further consolidation of the power of the richest Americans at the expense of the rest of us. 

With the Senate passing a multi-trillion dollar job-killing giveaway of our tax dollars to the people and companies who need it least, you might have missed the bill moving through the Senate to deregulate Wall Street and consumer finance. 

As National Apprenticeship Week kicks off, a new report from the Working for America Institute and Jobs With Justice Education Fund profiles a Washington state apprenticeship program as a successful example of a workforce intermediary partnership. These partnerships bring together unions and employers to recruit, train, and diversify the workforce for a given industry or a specific employer.

Napa Working Families Coalition Meeting: This Wednesday we will be holding our standing Napa Working Families Coalition meeting at the IBEW #180 Training Center beginning at 10 am. This is an important meeting to attend if you have members who work in Napa. Whether you are a Labor Organization, or a Community Ally who shares our desire to make Napa a more worker-friendly place to live and work, you won’t want to miss this meeting. 

As a pillar of the Democratic Party, unions have wanted for years to see mainstream Democrats push for major reforms to the law that would rejuvenate the ranks of organized labor. At the press conference Wednesday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka applauded the proposals, but also emphasized that many Democrats have taken their union support for granted.

Siblings, our hearts go out to all of those impacted by the fires and now is the time for every union to step up and support their members in need. We are trying to do our part by starting a relief fund for active and retired members.

We hope to see you all at our Delegates meeting this Wednesday to get caught up on all the Labor happenings. This Months UWLG meeting cancelled due to schedule conflicts surrounding the relief efforts.



 This disaster relief fund has been set up to assist affiliated active or retired union members who have lost their homes or been evacuated by the devastating fires that have affected both the North Bay and Napa Solano areas.